Nurturing the Seeds of Creation

This is a digital version of my current exhibition in Vence with Danette Quartey. The words are printed on transparencies and floated over shadowbox frames so they cast a nice shadow onto the photos. When I can photograph them without reflections, I’ll post them here.

The Seeds of Creation

Creation is life.
Life is creation.
From the seed to the flower to the fruit,
whether life or cosmos or chair,
everything comes into being through the creative process.

Within each of us lie the seeds of creation.
What do these seeds need to thrive?
Are you nurturing them with love and attention?
Does your environment support their formation?

When all the elements for growth are in place,
the seeds sprout,
the flowers bloom
and the fruit is born.

The Seed of Life welcomes you home.

Are You Living In The Culture Of Not Enoughness?

The words are rampant in the Western world.

Maybe you’ve even said them yourself. Surely you’ve thought them.

There is not enough.

I don’t have enough.

And the real kicker, I am not enough.

In societies that have more abundance and riches than in any other time in history, how is it possible that these words are so often, if not uttered, then at least thought or felt, several times a day?

Although men suffer from this syndrome as well, I’m going to focus the attention on women here because these words are the cultural battle cry underlying the majority of messages that come our way.


not enoughness

You can fill in your own personal blank.

You are not ______ enough.

Most of us have a self-image that is not beautiful enough, not thin enough, not sexy enough, not attractive enough.

We overwork to compensate for being not enough especially when we want both career and kids. We’re underpaid in most areas of the work world. We spend billions of dollars on products and cosmetic surgery to help us feel enough.

So what’s new? We have a pretty good picture of all this already, when we stop to think about it.

What I’m curious about is how much you think this personally affects your life?

When you do stop to think about it, how often does this insidious mantra pulse through your thoughts and your actions?

Do you overcompensate and over-give so that people will like you even though you feel like it’s never working?

Do you opt for the opposite, can’t be bothered putting in effort because it’ll never be good enough, but then don’t achieve the goals you have for yourself?

Do you strive to be perfect, often falling into overwhelm and exhaustion?

In my years of coaching and as an artist, I’ve noticed this primary belief lying at the base of some of the most talented, intelligent women I know. Whether it is unconsciously there or right up front in your face, these four words are the cause of more than their fair share of unhappiness and misery.

To give you an idea of how pervasive and deep this feeling of not-enoughness goes, I’ll share some thoughts from a must-read book for our times The Chrysalis Effect: The Metamorphosis of Global Culture.

chrysalis effect

Philip Slater describes two opposing systems that are currently engaged in an epic struggle. In his words:

The old system I call Control Culture. Its concern with mastery led to the creation of rigid mental and physical compartments, a static vision of the universe, a deep dependence on authoritarian rule, a conviction that order was something that had to be imposed, and a preoccupation with combat.

The new system I call Integrative Culture, because its guiding impulse is to dissolve mental walls and permeate artificial boundaries—to celebrate interdependence. It has a dynamic vision of the universe, a democratic ethos, and sees order as something that evolves, as it does in Nature, from spontaneous interaction.

Written well before the current presidential race in the U.S., this is another quote from the book:

Control Culture is obsessed with building walls.

Does that ring any bells?

More interestingly, do you know what the foundation of the entire Control Culture is based on?

The demotion of women.

You cannot have an authoritarian, war-like society unless women are devalued and oppressed.


I don’t know about you but the Control Culture is NOT a world I want to continue to live in. If you take a big picture, visionary look at the world right now, you can see how this control/integrator dynamic is playing out in many different areas of life.

The conflict is within every nation, every political party, every religious tradition, every institution, every individual.

My question to you is simple: which culture would you rather live in?

On a personal level, where are you fighting for control and where are you letting life evolve?

Visionary journaling fits exactly into the Integrative Culture.

In the creative process, knowing when to step in and when to let go is essential. This is what makes having a creative practice worthwhile. The focus is not on the product but on the experience; being present in the moment, flowing with the materials in a dance that is happening just for you.

Your journal is a safe place to practice this dance with absolutely no risk, no consequences, no judging from the outside world. There is only you and your page.

Willingness all you need.

And a few simple materials.

Through this process you will find self-kindness and self-love. This self-knowledge culminates in a woman who knows herself to be enough, who knows what she is doing and why, and is satisfied with the life she is creating.

I invite you to step through the portal of enoughness and take the journey of a lifetime. Through private 1-1 sessions with me, you will use visionary journaling to learn how to let go and trust, how to find enoughness, how to interpret what emerges from the page and apply it directly to your life. This is intimate creative work at its best.

If you feel the desire to finally get free from the culture of not-enoughness, click here for more details.

portal of enoughness

This Would Have Seemed Impossible

It’s been almost a year since you last heard from me. And what a year it’s been: a year where discovery, learning and re-invention took center stage.

Eleven months ago, I took a leap into Lisa Sonora’s 9-month visual journaling facilitator program that became a roller coaster ride through my own creative journey.

I remember a time when this path would have seemed impossible for me.

creative journey facilitatorOfficial Graduate Creative Journey Facilitator Training 2015

I started out in life thinking I could never be an artist. Playing with paint and paper was for other people.

I wasn’t sure who those other people were but I was pretty sure they weren’t me.

But the desire to create was planted firmly in my heart. And it wouldn’t go away.

Even as I tried to fit myself into a normal life, pursuing a degree in communication, I lusted after those studio shots in magazines where one could barely catch a glimpse of the working surface for all the creative mess that lay on top.

And the tools!

Brushes and pens and markers, oh my!

Messy DeskArtist Studio

How I wanted to put myself smack in the middle of that very scenario. My heart races as I relive the memory.

What was it that separated me from my desires?

A wall of beliefs. I simply didn’t believe that life could be mine.

I slowly came to realize that desires live in our hearts for a reason.

Desires conjure up visions of what life could be like if only you’d listen. Yet so many of us deny or discount our desires.

What I personally discovered was that on some deep level, I didn’t feel I deserved to have what I wanted, to explore the world both behind and in front of my eyes through paint. Yes, for others. No, for me.

Until I saw a way through.

Spending time on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, I watched women sitting on the ground with their backstrap looms weaving fabric, one strand at a time.

An idea began to take form. This was something I could do.

On the way home from this trip, I had a dream in which an image appeared; a fully formed image of three figures each in their own panel. And I was the artist.

Great Spirit TriptychGallery 57 Show ~ Great Spirit Triptych ~ ©Linda Hough 1987

When I got home, I took the one step that led me to where I am today. I signed up for a weaving class. I eventually went on to weave the dream image. (above)

Now, today, I have a designated workspace with tools ~ lovely tools~ and a new desire. My feelings about what I want to do are no longer stuck inside but are leading the way in this brand new phase of life.

The facilitator training provided me the time and space to plunge to the depths of my creative soul. I returned with a renewed commitment not only to my personal artwork but also to supporting others in discovering the magic of the creative process.

I’ve come to understand at an even deeper level the value and importance of being creative, not only by doing a certain activity but also in the making of a life.

That artist studio image above? It’s another dream come true: my very own messy workspace.