Settling In

It feels SOOOO good to be back on my path, settling in to work again. After spending 8 years in the south of France, in the lovely village of Vence, I’m back in the desert where I grew up. The beauty of both places is awe-inspiring. To look out at grand vistas, the beauty of the hills and mountains and desert is a blessing and my inspiration.

Going from the lush hills of France to the sometimes stark desert in California is a visual and emotional shift. The desert is in my blood. Living under Mt. San Jacinto has always felt magnificent. I notice that I’m always attracted to places where there are mountains or hills adjacent to flat terrain. My hometown of Palm Springs, my adopted village of Vence and maybe one-day, the high desert of Taos. Childhood experience runs deep.


Shifts and changes have occurred over the past year that have lead me back to painting. After a few years hiatus, exploring other loves and passions, I’m returning to my roots. My earlier weavings led to painting which led to explorations of creativity itself. I wanted to apply what I learned as an artist to my life, to make my life a work of beauty and art, to live divinely inspired and to create what I came here to create. And for that, I must return to painting.