Could This Be Your Answer?

Looking for a document on my computer the other day, I came across a PowerPoint presentation for a talk I gave 3 years ago. Suddenly, all the thoughts and feelings I had about being center stage erupted in my memory.

The talk didn’t go well. To say the least.

It was an out-of-body experience that had me walking stiffly across the stage and forgetting a main point here and there. It was an unpleasant memory that I’d rather leave alone.

Panel One1st Panel ~ Visual Journal Pages ~ Linda Hough 2016

I quickly brought my thoughts back to the present and wondered whether I’d ever voluntarily decide to be on stage again.

What really got my attention though was looking over the content of the presentation entitled Live Your Biggest Vision.

As I scrolled the panels of the PowerPoint I found myself smiling.

Visions and visionaries have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. It occurred to me that occasionally life has a funny way of pulling all the scattered pieces together and showing you the big picture.

Reflecting back on my one and only speaking experience, I have learned that sharing my message is best done through the visual assemblage of images and words, and certainly not from the stage.

vision PosterPoster ~ Linda Hough 2016

What I see now is that everything I’ve spent my life learning is coming into play.

Coaching amplifies the importance of living true to ourselves and honoring our gifts and challenges.

Creating my own art, experiencing the freedom of self-expression, the deep healing and joy I’ve received from following this path.

And now visual journaling, a tool that is beyond measure for self-inquiry, creative practice and working out pretty much any difficulty.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to embrace life as a creative path traveling through beauty and bumps but always a journey of meaning and fulfillment.

At the end of last year, I came full circle back around to my origins.

Thinking my exhibition days were behind me, I was surprised and delighted when offered dates in December to exhibit some of my work in a local bio café.

Along with paintings, for the first time ever I displayed the three panels of visual journaling pages that you see here.

Panel Two2nd Panel ~ Visual Journal Pages ~ Linda Hough 2016

One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had with visual journaling is the practice of becoming comfortable with not-knowing.

For many people, maybe even you, not-knowing can be extremely uncomfortable.

Not knowing what you are doing next. Not knowing where you’re headed or with whom or how you are going to get there. Not knowing your big picture. Not knowing when you’ll know.

Extremely. Uncomfortable.

Yet, it is in this place of not-knowing that all answers exist.

Being comfortable not-knowing is the key to knowing.

But how do you become comfortable in this ever-so-uncomfortable place?

Like anything else you learn to do, you practice.

You practice entering into the unknown. And you practice being comfortable there.

Believe me, it does take practice.

It’s completely possible.

And the answers come.

Panel Three3rd Panel ~ Visual Journal Pages ~ Linda Hough 2016

What if all the elements of YOUR life are forming your own big picture, you just don’t know what it is yet?

Imagine gaining clarity where you most need it.

Imagine at the same time developing your creative abilities.

Then imagine being able to see into your future.

This is the process I’ve developed.

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