When It All Comes Together

As I write, summer is slowly fading and the heat residing. Thankfully. September is about to open up a new time, a new season, traditionally a time for harvesting.

There have been periods here and there in which this blog has been fallow. Usually it has been because my direction has changed and this time was no exception.

Three years ago I was introduced to an amazing process that changed my life. If you’ve been reading along, you know that visual journaling has had a profound impact on my work. Yet I was struggling to understand how to use it in combination with my coaching.

Over the past year, I’ve taught several live workshops, each taking me deeper into my exploration and most importantly showing me the incredible value that this process has for others.

When sharing visual journaling with other women in workshops both here in France and in Sweden I can’t help but feel overjoyed at the response. It’s almost like those cartoons where paper is flying all over the place and there is a creative frenzy going on.

The participants LOVE it!!

creative flurry

Workshop in Gothenburg Sweden, May 2016 (Photo: Danette Quartey)

It is the use of images and words and creating with your hands in combination with inquiry and self-reflection that creates such a powerful experience.

Still I was struggling with how to share this online.

About 6 months ago, I committed to a daily creative practice where I challenged myself to create 1 quick collage every morning. There was no time limit. The only requirement: each page has to have two elements. I wanted something that was quick to do where I was also practicing letting go of control and not thinking.


First Completed Journal from the
Visionary Journaling Quick Collage Challenge, August 2016

Just the other day, I finished my first journal. I have a shelf of unfinished journals so this said a lot to me. The process was something I could do every morning and it was fun! From this challenge, I came to understand how this process contributes not only to my work but most importantly to my life.

And now I feel ready to share it with you.

The process I’m calling visionary journaling works in two ways: as a way to receive deep messages from your intuition or higher self and as the antidote for any of you who are feeling creatively starved. This work can fill you right up with satisfaction and even happiness.

Yes, it can. This has been my experience and it can easily be yours.

So from here on out, I’ll be blogging on my new site. When it all comes together, a new look is necessary. It’s a new chapter, new energy and new beginnings.

Allow me to introduce the new website:

Happiness Through Creativity

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With so much gratitude, I’m looking forward to sharing all about how you can experience more happiness through creativity.

See you over there!!