Mindful Intuitive Collage

A simple process that enhances creativity,
calms the mind and provides endless satisfaction.

Mindful Intuitive Collage is a meditation using art supplies.

Mindful = intentionally being present without judgment

Intuitive = listening to your innate wisdom

Collage = gluing fragmented images together to make a new whole

Mindful Intuitive Collage a meditation using art supplies with the intention of listening for your innate wisdom.

Why this creative process is more important now than ever before:

  • 1

    an antidote to anxiety

    give your thinking mind a vacation
    take a break from all thoughts of the past and the future
    get lost in the moment

  • 2

    a gateway to getting comfortable with uncertainty

    a blank page is an invitation into the unknown
    creative practice supports safe exploration + risk taking
    learn to become comfortable not knowing, surrendering and trusting

  • 3

    a process of self-discovery

    reconnect to your true self and most trusted source of wisdom
    know who you are maybe for the first time
    learn your soul language

  • 4

    a pathway to fresh thinking + new solutions

    when your mind gets quiet you can hear something new
    it's not out of the box, there is no box
    nothing new comes through a mind that is frozen in fear

  • 5

    life doesn't stop for any crisis

    slow down and focus on what is important
    understand what you're going through
    have a safe place to hear your intuitive voice

We are living in highly unusual times. 

We are experiencing many personal and global challenges as we navigate a new world.

Uncertainty can feel very uncomfortable.

What I’ve found to be of extreme help is a daily creative practice. 

When in need of peace of mind, when I'm looking for answers, I sit down with a blank page in front of me. As I listen deeply within and connect to that which is always there, I intuitively reach for pieces of paper that come together with a message, meaning and maybe even a story.

Giving even a brief amount of time every day to this process can pave the way to change that can lead to a healthier, saner life.

When you are present to the process, a feeling of peace descends. When your mental energy is calmer you can see more clearly what is needed in any given situation.

This is only one of the many benefits of a creative practice.

Another is learning to let go of old ideas and make space for something new. Every blank page awaits what you create without judgement or criticism.

Now more than ever, we could use some help. Einstein said that logic will get you from point A to point B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Mindful Intuitive Collage opens you to the wonders of your imagination.

In your own life, in your work, what solutions do YOU need right now?

This is a time for expand our thinking on how to manage life, how to adapt and how to stay healthy. There is no end to the need for creative solutions. 

It may not seem like a brilliant masterstroke to sit down at a table and glue stuff down on paper.

But I’m not talking about making art.

I’m talking about making space in your head.

Mindful Intuitive Collage is a meditation using art supplies.

An active meditation where your mind gets quiet and you can hear something new.

A process of discovery.

A way of accessing innate wisdom.

A pathway to enhancing creativity. 

A support for surviving in uncertain times.   

Gluing stuff down is simple. Clearing the chatter in your head to hear new ideas, not so much.

Mindful Intuitive Collage is your invitation into a world of discovery, creation and endless satisfaction. 

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