Your Personal Invitation To A Private Visioning Workshop

Experience a Powerful 2015!
Create Your New Vision Now

Includes Exciting New Tools
To Help Energize Your Vision

Are you ready to:

  • Clarify a primary vision for your life?
  • Learn powerful tools to energize
    your vision?
  • Define your next steps?

Make 2015 The Year You Get Clear!

You are a divine creator born with a vision for your life. But somewhere along the way, you got busy, sidetracked, focused on career or family, and you never had a chance to find it.

Now you're feeling lost, confused, at a cross-roads or you have completely lost track of what you're doing.

Heck, you're not even sure what you'd like to be doing!

You do know you long to do something satisfying. Something different. You don't know what it is OR maybe you can't squeeze it into your daily schedule.

The frustration and deep sadness this causes is breaking your heart. You're no longer willing to live without that creative voice that is crying to be heard.

Wait no longer.

In the deepest recesses of your heart, there is an answer. That magic something that will light your world on fire. Your desire fire!

Yes, it's all in there somewhere. The dreams and desires that give life meaning. And chances are, they aren't so deeply buried. They just need the right encouragement and a safe environment. And a vision to hold them all together.

I've struggled to find my own vision for the better part of my life. I searched and studied and searched some more for that something that would bring satisfaction and even bliss. Bit by bit I collected the pieces until finally the picture emerged.

Now I have some powerful tools that help me every day live the vision I was so long searching for. As I look at my life now, I am full of immense gratitude for what I am able to do daily. I am creating the life I really want to live.

And you can too.

I invite you to experience these tools in your own Private Visioning Workshop!

With the above mentioned encouragement and safe environment, your vision will emerge.

In this workshop, you and I will dive into the depths to recover that desire fire and pull out the vision that can guide you towards your authentic creative expression. When you are in the flow of this expression, you are living your divine life, satisfied in a deep and profound way. 

I highly recommend it. 🙂

Linda Hough [Visual Journal Page] 2015

It's Simple...
You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Your Vision

Here's Why:

  • Reason No. 1 A Powerful Guiding Vision Will Focus Your Life

    When you are clear on your values and passions, when you know the intention and direction you want to take your life, you are much less apt to get derailed. You are committed to a vision that will take you where you want to be.

  • Reason No. 2 Making Decisions Becomes Easier

    When your vision is firm within your heart and mind, you make decisions easily and with happiness. You no longer question what you are doing or why. Your life becomes more satisfying and fulfilled. Gone are the days of boredom and regret.

  • Reason No. 3 Your Divine Life Begins To Show Up

    When you have a clear vision and you take steps towards realizing it, you are intentionally engaging the creative process. This is one of the most powerful experiences in life. To create from nothing, or to reinvent from something, transformation occurs as if by magic. Oh, you have to do the work. You have to take the steps. But when opportunities come seemingly out of nowhere, greater than you have imagined, this is magical.

  • Reason No. 4 Your Vision Is Not Going Away

    You can continue to ignore the nudges, the urges, the prompts, the hints. But your vision is already living inside you and it’s not going to stop trying to get your attention just because you don’t want to hear it. Every hear of a wake-up call? Persistence is natural to a vision that wants to be expressed. And they all do. So why not just get on with it.

Linda Hough [Visual Journal Page] 2014

I've Designed A Simple System,
So You Can Create Your Vision With Ease

It's not always easy to get to the heart of a vision that's been undercover for the better part of a life. But this work can be the most important you'll ever do. Having a simple system will ease the way.

  • How This Works:

    We’ll meet for 1 90-minute session on the phone or Skype as you prefer. We’ll bypass the fluff and go right to the heart of what you’re up to. You’ll come away with a primary vision for your life.

    As part of this workshop, you’ll receive 3 short instructional videos that will show you all that you need to know to complete several visual journal pages. After your coaching session, you’ll create your own pages based on what we uncover during your

    These pages will be your reminders, your touchstones to the session, your inspiration whenever you feel in need. The images are deeply powerful when done in combination with coaching.

  • What Is Visual Journaling:

    Visual Journaling is a process that uses the combination of words and images for personal exploration and expression.

    Using mixed media collage, photographs, writing and painting, you connect more deeply with your experiences, your inner wisdom, your dreams and true desires. You don’t have to be an artist to get the most out of this process, you just have to be willing to have fun and explore.

    All the visual journal images on this page are from my own personal explorations.This process has become instrumental in my life. Working with this tool gives you a cozy and safe place created by you for you. The resulting images serve as a powerful summation of your work, your vision and your process.

  • What You Need:

    All you need for this workshop is a phone or computer we can connect through. And some basic art or stationary supplies. Upon registration, you will receive a list of materials. You probably already have most of what you need.

    The best tools come from the kids section of your local stationary or supermarket. For me, a list of materials is a good reason to shop for supplies! In any case, your visual journaling supply investment is up to you. It can range from minimal to whoopee let’s go shopping!

If Not Now, When?

Isn't it time to remember who you are? What you really want to do? How you want to live?

Give yourself the experience of creating a powerful new vision for your life.

Give yourself the experience of creative self-expression through visual journaling.

Give yourself the experience of living your divine life.

Linda Hough [Visual Journal Pages] 2015

What Your Private Visioning Workshop Includes:

Imagine taking 90 minutes of your day to spend in a private workshop creating your new vision. I've added a few bonuses to really help reinforce what you discover.

  • 1 90-minute Private Session

    Just you, me and your vision working together to make 2015 a very powerful year for you.

  • 3 Visual Journaling Get Started Videos

    3 videos that show you all you need to know to energize your vision and serve as definitive inspiration when you want it. These videos will be available on a private website support page.

  • 1 Audio Meditation

    For motivation and inspiration, listen when you want support keeping your vision alive and / or growing into it faster. Downloadable from the private website support page.

This Private Workshop Is For You If:

  • You are ready to accept responsibility for your life and work
  • You know you'll have to take action on the next steps once you find them
  • You are willing to explore your creative expression without judgement or censorship
  • You have a strong desire to live an authentic, inspired life


This Private Workshop Is NOT For You If:

  • You don't really want to make any changes, you're happy where you are
  • You are attached to feeling lousy, grumpy, pissed off or sad
  • You're only interested in the idea of having a vision, not the reality
  • You think creative expression is for the birds

Marianne, Emblem of France, Place de la République, Paris

A Personal Note:

I designed this workshop because I believe that women not only have powerful visions for their lives but also for the planet. I want to stand among women and men of vision in a world that honors life, liberty and creative expression of all kinds.

Because of this strong commitment, I am offering you this private workshop package for a steal. This is an introductory offer and the only time this package will be available at this price. Because I am working individually with people, I only have a limited number of spots available.

So if one of them is for you, please click the button below to sign up now. I'd love to work with you!

Linda HoughHere's to a powerful 2015,
Linda Hough
Artist and Creative Journey Facilitator


Linda Hough [Visual Journal Page] 2014

Your Private Vision Workshop Includes:

  • 1 90-minute Private Visioning Session
  • 3 Visual Journaling Videos
  • 1 Meditation Audio

Your Investment: $297

You may pay with a Paypal account or a credit card.
Upon receipt of payment, you'll receive a link to schedule your private workshop.

If you have any questions, click here and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.